Who are we?

Ivresse International is a company founded in 1972, pioneer in the turn of amenities in our country. Our international marketing capacity makes it possible to provide top quality products to any part of the world and, in turn, to obtain them independently of their origin. In addition, this globalization makes it possible to have the necessary raw materials regardless of the place where they are generated, which, coupled with the guarantee of total quality guaranteed by the Ivresse brand, allows us to offer a product at the height of the best of its kind in The five continents.

The significance of this unique relevance is first-line to the international treaties that Mexico has signed with other countries in recent years, as well as those that in the future subscribe. Our proven ability to respond to the challenge involved in these free trade agreements is behind us. Currently Ivresse has more than 150 different articles and is kept at the forefront in the development of new products always oriented to the service and satisfaction of its customers, among which are, with great pride, the most prestigious Chains.

It is a true honor for all of us, who work here, to offer Mexico and the world the Ivresse quality.